Thursday, June 9, 2011

a letter to my eldest

My Dear Sweet Daniella Grace,

You graduated from your VPK class today. Sighh. Okay, it's not "technically" called a graduation, but who's really a fan of technicalities anyway? I am so proud of you Princess. There is not a thing you could that could deflect my love for you and the overwhelming sense of (holy, good) pride I feel when I set my eyes on you. I have watched you blossom from a shy, quiet and so very timid toddler to a beautiful, vibrant, godly young girl. This is the beginning of a great and beautiful adventure for you, and I am so excited to watch you grow into every bit of potential and purpose that God has designed for you.

We will be homeschooling you next year and more than anything I am looking forward to spending more and more time with you and cultivating our relationship. It is going to be a wonderful summer and an exciting year; the beginning of so much more. Thank you for including me in this adventure baby girl.

I know your heart hurts at the understanding that Mommy and Daddy are two separate people leading two separate lives, but you, my dear sweet girl have taken it like a champ. I can tell your heart's hurting but I also know how dearly you love Jesus and my heart soars knowing you are slowly learning to give this pain to Jesus and are trusting His ways by loving me and your baby sister back. I look back at the vow we made the day I married Daddy and more than anything, I pray your little heart knows how much I love you. You my precious baby, are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. I love you. You are worth every challenge and every aching moment that comes from a broken family and if I had a do-over I would choose you all over again.

My prayer is Mommy, Daddy and Cole (and someday, maybe, your stepDaddy) will be always be obedient to Jesus and will always seek Him on your behalf and for your good. I pray Jesus will give us the grace to always choose you above ourselves, over our conflicts and our personal agendas. My prayer for you is that you will inherit a double portion of each of your parents, spiritually and that you will soar far higher than any of us will in the Spirit, so that you may be one who walks as Enoch did; so closely to His heart, as a bride and a warrior.

I love you Daniella, my firstborn baby.

With all my love,

Our family is my greatest blessing