Monday, June 6, 2011

two fold post

First part of this *awesome* post is that I am still going strong in my de-cluttering. =) Today I tackled our desk/nook while listening to an outstanding teaching taught at the International House of Prayer-KC on families and God's dominion being released through families. Make time out of your day to listen to it. It is absolutely amazing! (more on the full message at a later post!)

Anyway, so here's the full scoop on our desk/nook area.

Surprise, surprise! It was a disaster zone. Papers everywhere, our shelves not completely attached to the wall, unable to hold anything even remotely heavy (like my files and supplies and such-- which defeats the purpose) and so on and so forth.

Today, I just cleared out the mess and organized things as best I could. I forgot to take "BEFORE" pictures (oops) but I've posted after pictures for your enjoyment.

It's a very boring nook as of now and I have lots of big plans for it aesthetically speaking, however for now, at least it's organized and looking good. I'll add some cork-boards, calendars and art pieces to reflect the faith of our family, the personality of each individual, and the full purpose of this little nook. I'll also be painting those blue shelves to match our living room decor (I'm shooting for red-- just because) and yes, fully attaching them to the wall to be more functional.

Ahh, even as I blog I am more at peace, more calm and more focused (because yes, I still work off a desktop and not a smancy laptop-- such is the life of missionaries). I am really enjoying this process and will continue to keep you updated on my shennanigans.

Which brings me to the second part to my two-fold post... Well, just look at pictures, and then we'll talk.

Such is my boring little nook after the fact... But, at least it's organized

The *unattached* shelves that are currently holding a minimal amount of things. Trust me, THIS is much better. Baskets and paint coming soon

The finished blank canvas. Ahh, creativity here I come!

Okay, so the second part of my post is quite simple.

I am just requesting grace from you guys. =) Our family is transitioning into somewhat of a "busy" season and I am learning and juggling what it's like to balance every role in my life during this new season we are in. (once again, more on that at a later post) So, although it may seem that I'm not blogging as much-- I am still thinking about you guys and will be posting just as much as I can. But if my posts seem few and far in between at any time...

Well, just remember grace. =)


  1. Look at how much progress you're making!!! It's funny because in the same post you are talking about being short on time and needing grace, you have posted, what is it? Your third update on decluttering? =)

    You are amazing Nicole and although I am sure you're feeling a little overwhelmed and determined to find balance amongst your chores and duties, you are doing great!

    I know you have high expectations and standards of yourself, but to some of us you look like superwoman!

    I am sure you will find your stride in no time, but just to appease you I shall grant you grace =) I'll also be praying for ya!


  2. Grace, grace & more grace, believe me! You will find the time to blog because you enjoy it. :)