Thursday, June 23, 2011

an insignificant yes is a mighty battle to win


Today wasn't a great day. Not practically nor relationally speaking. My house is still a mess, laundry's still not done and truthfully I have quite the headache. I have no desire to press forward in this homemaking journey and I have no desire to change that.

On a day like today, I normally would've up given up before the day even started and mindlessly lost myself in television and pity. Sadly this is true. However today, although I didn't get as much done as my little mind would've wanted to do, I said yes in the most insignificant of ways and did all I could to push myself out of lethargy and laziness.

I said yes to His Word; "His grace is sufficient for me."
I said yes to my husband; I cooked a very small, simple meal when everything inside me wanted to just order Chinese takeout from the restaurant across the street (to which he would've obliged, I'm sure)
I said yes to my daughter; I spent *a little extra* time with her during bath time (her very favorite time of the day) and chased her around the house.
I said yes to my God-given ministry; I did the dishes, picked up the toys around the house and will be folding a load of laundry during our favorite show (SYTYCD, hoorah!)
I said yes to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and took care of my temple; I took an extra 10 minutes for myself and got dressed and beautified before starting the bulk of the day.

They're not major victories. I haven't necessarily done an outstanding job at anything today. Should you walk into my house at the moment, you might wonder what I did all day. And truthfully, I'm ok with that.

I spent my day today gaining inches in the Kingdom of God knowing that His Spirit is at work within me. Saying yes sometimes in the most insignificant of ways is all we can manage in a day. And you know what? That's ok. I'm learning in this pursuit of becoming the Shulamite Homemaker that it's not always about how clean and organized we can get our home (although, praise Jesus that's a good goal to have!) but it's about giving Jesus our everything--including our weaknesses.

My weakness is consistency. My weakness is a hyper-emotional heart. It is pushing through days like today.

And I'm doing it. By His grace only; by His mercy... but you know what Beloved? I'm doing it!

What are some of your weaknesses that stand in the way of productive days? In what ways have you said yes to Jesus lately?


  1. You know, all the little yess'es that you added up are the only yess'es that matter. Sure homemaking also includes housework and chores, but the main priority is family.

    Everyone has difficult days some times and look at the example that you gave your daughter in how to handle those rough days. You were true to your faith and His Word, you were true to your ministry of motherhood as well, and you were a wife to your husband even when you wanted to order takeout. These aren't small yess'es Nicole - they are huge wins!

    I just posted this morning on how I've been saying yes lately as I earn my badge in patience! But you already know all about that journey, don't you? ;) Love you! xoxo

  2. You and I my friend, should pretty much be twins, seriously!!!!!!! I think for me, sometimes I just hit this huge wall, I get tired, tired, tired, I start off some weeks leaning fully on Jesus but then somehow end up running on my own strength, I forget about His grace and forget that when I don't see perfection He sees it, when I don't feel delighted in, He delights in me, and when I feel alone, He really is there with me. So, it all leads to, I GIVE UP! I get tired of it all, but how awesome is it that when we say Yes even when we just want to quit, its pure perfection for Him....He is soo good!!!!