Saturday, June 18, 2011

the family is the primary vessel...

A while back I mentioned in a post about having listened to a teaching by Allen Hood from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City on families.

I *finally* got the chance to re-listen to it and take (umm, 5 pages worth of) notes. No, it didn't take me three days of scattered listening to because of how busy the days are getting... Of course not. However, I did want to share some of the amazing things that Allen shared.

The subject which he covered is one that is so near and dear to my heart. The basis of the teaching was from Psalm 127 and he shared how God has chosen the family as the primary vessel for spiritual warfare.

Oh, how backwards our society has it!

Anyway, here are just some of the highlights from my notes. Should be just enough to wet your appetite and click on that link to go listen to it.

  • The Old Testament book of Malachi highlights the restoration of families above all other areas of restoration in society.

  • The restoration of the family is the key factor to the restoration of society and the restoration of Fatherhood should be the foundation of mature ministry.

  • Divorce is killing both the Church's testimony and fruitfulness (ouch!)

  • True ministry and authority in God's house begins with men functioning and carrying the heart of and as fathers.

  • Whoever influences our children influences our nation (Media and public schools are constantly battling to control our children!)

  • God entrusted dominion to Adam and Eve as a family unit.

  • According to the statistics of the children who grow up in churches and then go away to college, our churches are currently feeder systems into humanism and wrong religions. (More 18-22 "Christians" joined the Muslim "faith" after 9/11!) (double ouch)

  • Families and ministries that permit men to neglect their responsibilities to their children (and even those to single mothers) and lack the Father's heart are greatly ineffective in releasing the kingdom of God as it is in Heaven.

  • The family unit is an independent, powerful kingdom cell.

  • Build your family in faith, not in fear that causes you to overwork and become anxious. (hmm)

  • We can't just ignore the issues and "just" provide for our children.

  • Is your appettite wet yet? Ok, good! Go listen to that message with your husband and pray! :)

    Have you listened to the message? What was your favorite part? If not, did any of the above points "hit home?" How/Why?


    1. Wow. I've really been wanting to listen to that & now it seems very timely for us. Yesterday's message on fatherhood at Encounter was so encouraging and sobering. Really drove the truth of the bible and servanthood home. Thanks for sharing this!

    2. I'd like to listen to this teaching, where can I find it? your link isn't going through.