Friday, June 10, 2011

a day with children in the prayer room

Growing up in a culture of prayer is one of our family's top priorities. We believe in the power of prayer and value it for all its worth. One of the plus sides of walking with a House of Prayer is the training available to our children on prayer. Although I am an incredible supporter of families being the primary source of spiritual training and discipline for children, I am so grateful for every resource available to us through our spiritual community and love taking advantage of each and every one of them.

So today Daniella, Aaliya and myself took a trip to the prayer room for our children's prayer watch held 10a-noon. I have to admit that this was our first time attending. I've sporadically attended, but there's always something that stands in the way of us coming (dare I say, it's comfort... yikes!) but today as absolutely exhausted and unkempt as I felt (and looked!) we went and we pressed through.

And you know what?

The Spirit of God was hovering over that place. Even though it was children leading worship (older children of course) and even though there was an off-note pitch and ocassional mispronounced word in every song, how sweet the spirit that dwelt there! All our children worshipped unashamedly before the throne of grace and even Daniella danced and partook in the sweet joy found in that place.
Out of the mouth of nursing babes, He has truly ordained praise! I encourage and exhort you mamas to praise and adore Jesus right alongside your children. Our home has been such a sweet haven of obedience and truth all day long and I believe it's partly because both girls began their day (for the most part) with the Presence of Jesus. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit and train Daniella in the art of intercession today as the other children prayed, declared Scripture and thanked Jesus for all He has and will do!

There is no sweeter sound than to hear my children call upon Jesus. My favorite part was hearing Daniella pray for sweet baby Avery and declare his healing and wholeness. What a beautiful intercessors my little girls are!

What are some resources you take advantage of in your spiritual community and how do you interlope them with your home devotions and teachings?


  1. We loved having you and the girls there today! I am always encouraged by the other moms training up their children in the ways of the Lord. We were truly JOYFUL in the House of Prayer this morning! :D

  2. Had the chills as I read the entire post!!! unfortunately Moe and I only have one car so I NEVER get to go to the children's prayer room =( but surely at home it is where I do all my teaching and leading the babies as much to Jesus as I can! We should go one of the Fridays I am there! Grace loves the prayer room

  3. Love this Nicole! I wish I din't work fridays so I can take Leilani!