Monday, April 16, 2012

two challenges-- week one recap.

If you're just joining us to the 5 Disciplines in 5 Weeks series, Courtney from over at Women Living Well is encouraging women to establish five different disciplines in specific areas, over the course of five weeks. Last week, our focus was body. Here's part one, two and three

This is an update on how my body discipline area went. 

I had quite the high hopes at the beginning of this week regarding my nutrition and fitness goals. I was very ambitious, and for good reason.  It is an area of active conviction to change in my life. However, I forget that being pregnant is a state that demands my complete reliance upon the Father.  My body gets tired easily, it reacts, inadvertently, to certain foods and etc, etc.

That being said, my week wasn't a complete disaster. Like my good ol' friend Jenny says... "It's about progress, not perfection."  Let's take a look at my, ahem, progress shall we?

  1. Drink more water-- Well, Jenny hit it right on the nail this time.  I was significantly more aware to my water intake this week and made quite the effort to double the intake.  It's rather difficult though, since, through pregnancy, I feel as though I have a bladder the size of a pea.  That being said, I'm nowhere near the recommended amount for adults (much less pregnant women!), but I'm getting there. I'd say I averaged about 36oz/water any given day. Some days more... some a little less.
  2. Exercise at least three times a week--  I think when I established this one, it was more a long-term thing.  I did, however, mention that I wanted to walk around Cranes Roost (the lake near our place) several times this week. I didn't necessarily walk around Cranes Roost, however we were able to take a walk as a family around our neighborhood and smaller lake once this week, and I took a brisk walk yesterday that I think counted.  I think this has been one of the biggest challenges for me, personally.  Being in my third trimester (one more month, anyone?! yess) I am starting to get fatigued significantly quicker and swollen feet and achy hips don't help the cause.  Granted, should I have done this before my 8th month of pregnancy, I probably wouldn't feel this way now. Bah-humbug.
  3. Drink one of the Visalus Protein Shakes daily-- Mm! Piece of cake, piece of pie!  Quite literally-- since it's been dubbed by our family and a few others as the "Cake Batter Shake."  Obviously, it's not made from cake batter since it has an insane amount of nutritional value to it, but drinking this puppy everyday is awesome! Pictures and recipes coming up soon! 
  4. Wean myself off artificial sugars-- We.won't.discuss.this.
How'd your week go?  Have you established a health/fitness goal or challenge for yourself?

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