Thursday, April 19, 2012

pregnancy days 2.0

I have to admit... I haven't written much about my pregnancy.  It's been a very unique ride, having been pregnant with number two [three, technically].  I've been a roller coaster of emotions and energy. I spent the first trimester mostly nauseated and exhausted, followed by an awesome second and third trimester.  I've experienced a lot more Braxton-Hicks and regular contractions than I did with my first, but I think that has to do because she was breech and not in position. Outside of that, I am so grateful that, though still challenging-- I haven't been in a state of complete depression and exhaustion like I did with my first.

Nevertheless, even though I really feel as though I've had an awesome pregnancy, I've faced many challenges that have off-set the rhythm and rhyme of our home. I'm not quite sure what pregnancy looks like in your home (with other children around), but I thought I'd share just how it looks in our home.

- Mommy has taken more naps with the toddler.  I normally use[d] Aaliya's nap times to catch-up on laundry, housework, blogging, etc.  Lately, I've found that taking a nap with her is what my body craves and what is beneficial for the entire family.  Rest is an integral key in pregnancy and when we listen to our bodies and its cues, resting can be a solid investment into the smooth running of the rest of our day.

- Aaliya has watched significantly more television than I ever thought was ok.  I remember the sweet, yet very naive ideals I held as a pregnant mother with our first.  I vowed no more than 30 minutes of television daily, along with a fun, educational activity every day in which Mommy created some sort of awesome bit of learning and entertaining... Then, I got pregnant, and Aaliya has spent the better half of the last eight months watching Boz, Curious George and Bible Heroes.  Yep. I'm that Mom.  I have found that in this toddler stage, they have way more energy than I can keep up with and though Mommy and Aaliya do spend great time alone together every day, I have to incorporate just a smidge more television than I every intended to. My role as a wife, mother and homemaker has to be balanced as best as possible during the time I'm pregnant, and sometimes-- the best I can maneuver was through extra TV time. 
Go ahead. Judge me.

- Meal time has been significantly simpler.  Before I found out I was pregnant with number 2, I was expanding our meal-time goodness with a lot of homemade, fun, dishes significantly more often throughout the week.  Finding out I was pregnant and there following, I wanted to avoid the pit-fall that we did while I was pregnant with number one (I cooked twice my ENTIRE pregnancy-- we lived at to-go and delivery places), I decided to simplify our menu.  And, I've got to admit, it's worked out for us very well.  Recently, I've ventured off into making more fun, "complicated" meals more often for the sake of my husband and freezing them (more on that at a later post). Though we still frequented the to-go and delivery places more often than I wanted, I've got to say-- it's quite an improvement from last time. =)

What do the pregnancy days look like in your home?

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