Monday, April 16, 2012

why I love our Titus 2 Mom's Group!

There I was... sitting on a hot pink toddler reclining chair, surrounded by a group of women who all love the Lord, love life (as in little people) and love each other. When suddenly, I realized the beautiful picture this must be.

To the world, we are a very small group of women who are overall pretty unnoticeable and pretty odd (or so we've been told, hehe).  But to the Lord, we must be a group of earth-changing Mamas who long to see His face in every facet of our lives, including the way we raise and train up our children.

We were together, in my living room (what a privilege!) celebrating life with a brand new Mama. We wanted to pray with her and shower her and her sweet gift with love and blessings.  And we did.  We came together as broken women who are looking to be made whole (completely) in the presence of our sweet, sweet Savior.  Clinging to the fact that we are better off in each others' fellowship than we are alone. We cried together, laughed together and took the brave step in becoming vulnerable.

And there's something so beautiful and holy about that.

I would encourage you today, Mama to prayerfully considering prioritizing time with other godly Mamas (both older and younger, as Titus 2 instructs us)-- whether it be over the phone, in person, or in a small group-- monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly if it's a possibility, and spend time with them.  Pray with them. Talk with them. Get real with them and trust that the Holy Spirit knew what He said when He commanded godly fellowship and friendships all throughout Scriptures.  Motherhood can feel like a lonely time, and we should really know that we are not alone.  We haven't walked through it alone, we are not alone now and we never will be.

Are you prioritizing Titus 2 time with other godly women surrounding you?

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