Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the what? -- my health, nutrition and fitness goals

If you're just joining us, I have been joining Courtney from Women Living Well in her 5 Week 5 Disciplines Challenge as well as taking the leap to join the Visalus 90-Day Challenge.  I have previously discussed starting the challenge as well as the why behind the what. Today, we're laying down specific goals to meet this week and beyond. 

Being pregnant and establishing health, nutrition and fitness goals can actually be quite the funny haha.  Society has taught us that eating anything and everything during the nine-months that we carry life is quite acceptable and in fact, encouraged.

Even though it is a fact that pregnant [and nursing] Mammas need additional calories and additional sources of nutrition, it is not a fact that we get a "free" pass just because of our condition.  Pregnancy should be a greater motivator for establishing health, nutrition and fitness goals.  Healthy Mamas tend to produce healthier babies.  Not everything health, nutrition and fitness oriented has to do with weight loss, yano!  That being said... after praying, talking with the hubby about it, I have written out my goals and will (again!) be posting them in place[s] I know I will come across consistently.

  1. Drink more water-- I have to confess, I drink nowhere near enough water for a pregnant woman. 24oz anyone [unless you count the two cups of coffee I average a day?] I know, I know... Don't crucify me.  Hence the goal.  I would like to double my water intake consistently by the end of the week and then double from then on for the next two weeks. 
  2. Exercise at least three times a week--  I've been wanting to incorporate some sort of exercise routine into my week, but there is absolutely no way I can commit to working out with the hubbs-- homeboy does a whole lotta Insanity-- yeah, no.  So, I'd really like to do some sort of Pregnancy Yoga/Workout DVD.  I'm hoping to be able to head to the public library this week to get me and Aaliya a library card and check one out.  Until then, since our new place is so close to Cranes Roost, I'd really like to get out there for a walk around the lake at least once or twice.  Way to combine activity with quality Mama & Baby time. :)
  3. Drink one of the Visalus Protein Shakes daily-- I also, falter with protein intake in general... Even more so with this pregnancy.  However, I recognize the value of protein during and after pregnancy and want to be able to incorporate as much protein as possible.  I mean, I love beans and all but there's only so much of that I can eat in a day... Hehe. This one's a pretty easy one since the shakes taste pretty yummy and I can have one with my breakfast in the morning.  I do want to try some of the cool tasty recipes that are on the Visalus "Shake"-Book. 
  4. Wean myself off artificial and unhealthy sugars-- I have to admit, I'm a sweet fanatic. No, seriously... I don't think you understand. I understand that sugar can be addicting and has very little nutritional value to my body.  So, what I'd like to do is begin decreasing the amount of sugar I intake daily, until eventually, I am eating very little, if any, processed sugars. 
There ya go! What are some of your health, nutrition and/or fitness goals?

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