Friday, April 20, 2012

... a surrendered marriage begins with prayer

I have the insane privilege over the next thirty-five days to help lead a group of believing wives into prayer for their marriages, themselves and their husbands.

I'm leading the group into a Surrendered Marriage Challenge.


Leading means that I take the first dive.  It means that first and foremost, I'm jumping in and demonstrating the work of the Holy Spirit in my life so that through that Spirit-led lifestyle (and in this case, marriage) I can serve my team and bring hope of what He can do.

This is no small task.

I want to encourage you today-- spend some real, truthful time praying over your spouse today.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and bring Scriptures that are just what's on His heart to pray over your significant other.  Prayer is a tool the Lord uses to bring His kingdom down to earth, according to His will.  Beckon the Holy Spirit to bring His Kingdom into your home, starting at the head.

I dare you to pray for your husband today and see the way the Holy Spirit moves in his heart-- and yours.

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